DRAGONFORCE: Curse of Darkness (audio)


Here I stand
No-one will ever reach my pain, blood is the answer
Until the end
I fight for my life & I never will surrender
Vengeance is mine
Driven by sorrow & eternal hatred
Blood they can see
Hear my endless cry

Shattered dreams
I am the shadow of the man I used to be
But I know tonight
Your pain will be my delight
Hear the symphony
From the scar of the damned
Unleashing the eternal fire

Ride on your way
This is your curse of darkness
Ride through the night
& one day you'll be free
Look to the sky
Where our heart's burning bright
Hear the lamence of innocents rise

All alone
I am lost in the maze of hearsay oh, your nightmare (?)
Torn within
Battle so far 'til I die
For centuries
Just like the king of everyone trapped for eternity
Heart & soul
I have the force to slay your kind


As I look to the stars
I feel your presence in my heart
How I wish I could hear your voice again
Like my tears in the night
Your memories still shining bright
On this lonely road I ride
Wandering through the circles of hell


(Chorus x2)